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Recognising our lack of ability & time to manage our social content ourselves, we handed over our social media marketing to Shelley & her team at Open Door Marketing a few months ago. That was the best decision ever! Shelley's ability to create professional, trust-building content is spot on! Her posts are unique and stand out from our competitors. She also has an amazing ability to capture our personalities and brand in a very personal & professional way. We get great comments about our posts from clients & locals - which is exactly what you need as a real estate agent! Thank you so much Shelley & team... you are amazing to work with!
Nadia Bone
Barfoot & Thompson
Shelley and her team have provided high standard services all the way through since I was a new real estate agent.

With great content that touches on not only real estate matters but also skills and fun in our everyday living, their monthly newsletters have helped grow my business in the community and confidence in thinking and acting as a professional real estate agent. Really appreciated their hard work and support. Highly recommended.
Hongyan Lu
Team Diego, Harcourts NorthWest
I’ve been utilising Downright Brilliant for several years. Is it coincidental that I feature regularly in the Top 100 Agents for NZ? I would say No! My newsletter is a big part of my “Sales Tool Bag”. One document which can be posted, emailed or hand delivered to an exclusive area is of great benefit including being cost effective!

The newsletter provides up to date REINZ sales data, helpful articles and handy hints for home owners relevant to the time of year, puzzles and jokes as well – something for everyone! The newsletter is personalised for me for advertising my website, social media outlets, recent awards and testimonials, along with current listings and recent sales and requires about 15 minutes of input from me each month!

The best thing about this newsletter is Shelley and her ever capable 2IC Rachel. Both are friendly, helpful and extremely efficient – they have consistently provided service above and beyond. Part of my success comes from their support to my business – so in short – they rock!
Fiona Senton
Ray White, Auckland
Open Door Marketing has provided me with a phenomenal newsletter, great content and excellent presentation that shows me in a great light to existing and potential customers. Lifts my profile (helps people to get to know me, like me, trust me and want to use me), keeps me in contact, fills a niche no one else is doing.

Another point of contact along with DLEs and newspaper, being someone’s trusted real estate agent before they need me. Also allows me to concentrate on other pressing matters. Takes a weight off my shoulders! I love no one else can advertise the same newsletter in my area!!
Di Moreira
Property Brokers, Rangiora
We have been using Open Door Marketing now for 7 years and even after all this time we get excited when the end of the month comes around and our in-box receives a preview of the following month's Newsletter. Their content is always on-point and relevant to whatever is happening in the real estate world. This is a great tool for us to keep in touch with our database of clients and the feedback we receive from these clients is always complimentary.

Open Door Marketing are always happy for us to supplement their content with our own input to personalise. Their service is always very prompt and we find them extremely friendly and easy to deal with. Using their service is an easy option allowing us more time to do what we are good at, getting out and about listing and selling property. Thank you ODM we look forward to another 7 years.
Julie Parkinson
Eves, Tauranga
I would highly recommend Open Door Marketing for any services to promote your real estate business. They are prompt in their service and deliver to your satisfaction and convenience.
Rajeev Goyal
Harcourts, Auckland
The monthly newsletter has increased my following significantly. It’s well thought out content and always amusing joke gets discussed around town and is always a good icebreaker when meeting someone for the first time.
Andy Stretton
The Professionals, Whakatane
We have used Open Door Marketing’s services for quite some time now and just love the fresh interesting content in their newsletters!! Their service is always prompt, very personal, prompt and efficient! Would highly recommend them to anyone!
Bruce & Emma Donkin
Barfoot & Thompson, Auckland
I’m really happy with the newsletter, was a weight taken off my shoulders and I like the variety of articles, market report, jokes, puzzles etc.

I delivered these around my new farm area and a couple of people who had no junk mail on their mailboxes were requesting I drop one in every month. I’m liking the fact that I can get this out monthly which gives me more consistency plus DLE or appraisal letter in between each issue.
North Canterbury
I love the design of the newsletter & great content. I am happy that my clients really read a newsletter & looking forward to receiving it every month. It is a wonderful way to be in touch with our clients & show them what we do. Shelley & her team are real professionals in the field, very accommodating & efficient.
Lucy Bondarenko
Barfoot & Thompson, Auckland
I hate cold calling but have found it easy because I have been able to introduce myself and check they are receiving my newsletter and if they are enjoying it...

...Well, response has been overwhelming - nearly everybody recognises my name and most read the newsletter. They all enjoy it and ask that I continue sending it (have been able to get several more email addresses for my database). The biggest comments were how much they enjoy the jokes and how informative and friendly the newsletter is, without it being a boring real estate newsletter. CONGRATULATIONS! I hope you are getting new business (enough new business that I can suddenly get free newsletters - ha ha ha).
Agent M
LJ Hooker, Auckland
I am impressed with the regular, informative newsletter provided for me that I don't even have to think about!
Naomi Gray
Eves Realty, Tauranga
The Downright Brilliant newsletter is so convenient, all done for me. I have had good feedback, especially about how it is good to receive a real estate newsletter that is not all about the agent. I have a large number of retired people on my database and they look forward to it, especially the joke and the general information.

The benefits are that my name is out there regularly, without any hard work on my behalf. It gives me an excuse to talk to people, asking if they received it. It makes me feel good about doing regular advertising – it helps my confidence, and reduces my guilt. One person phoned to say they were the new people living in a house that the newsletter was being posted to, but asked if my database could be altered to include their name so they could continue receiving the newsletter, which they enjoy.

I am too greedy to recommend this to local agents – I want this outstanding opportunity all to myself. But to agents out of area who want to look professional, I would say it is one of the best forms of advertising I have found in my 20 years in real estate.
Name withheld by request so her competitors can't find out!
We have no hesitation in recommending Open Door Marketing’s services. This company is professional, continually providing us with suitable and interesting data which relates to promoting our business. They are competent and diligent suppliers. Thank you.
Terry & Janet Jones
Wallace & Stratton, Auckland
With a mixture of exciting subjects, the newsletter has given us a lot to talk about in the community. People can't wait for the next one to come out! One lady in particular hops in the car every month to just pick up the newsletter! It is very professional and just a great goody people love and come back for; makes it easy to stay in touch with the public. The team is downright brilliant as the name suggests. Highly recommended!
Totally recommend Open Door Marketing as they are brilliant. Always prompt, good quality newsletters, great to deal with, very friendly and helpful.
Kerry King
Barfoot & Thompson, Auckland
I have found Shelley and the Open Door Marketing Team fantastic, the newsletters and products are so professionally done and always well received by my clients and prospects. The service is prompt, the costs are great value for money and everyone is so helpful. I would recommend Shelley and the Open Door Marketing Team to anyone wishing to enhance their own business success.
John Edhouse
Bayleys Real Estate, Motueka
Keeping in touch with past and present clients is so important in real estate. The easy reading Downright Brilliant Newsletter appeals to a wide audience and is a perfect way to do this. It’s informative, sometimes funny, and definitely a non-invasive way to be “top of mind” when people are thinking about real estate. When a previous client emails to thank me for my newsletter every month – then I know it’s working!

The Downright Brilliant Newsletter is definitely an added bonus to my business. Regular contact means people remember to call me when they, or someone they know, are thinking of selling.
Ray White, Auckland

I love my newsletter! I’m never going to give it up. It’s just so easy and keeps me on track. I get so much feedback from it, in fact here’s a text I got a couple of days ago; I’m going to do an appraisal this afternoon.

“Hi my name’s Dave. I get your newsletter. I’ve been looking around the area and decided I want to talk to you about selling my house.”

I have tried to make up newsletters in the past and having now used Open Door Marketing, would never suggest anyone takes that time out of their business when it can be done professionally, quickly and with a company that truly seems to care about their clients' success.
Trudy McKinnon
Harcourts, Whakatane
I've been working with Shelley and her wonderful team for over 3 years now and I have found them to be very approachable and extremely accommodating. I'm one of those people that complains when I get poor service, but their service is second to none, so I have nothing but praise for them.

The quality of the newsletters and other articles I have asked for is always consistent and I have had many comments from recipients of my newsletter as to how good they are. Everyone loves the jokes! I can highly recommend Open Door Marketing to anyone that is need of the services offered by them.
Joe Kennedy
Barfoot & Thompson, Auckland
Named appropriately, "Downright Brilliant" (before rebranding to Open Door Marketing). Great service, prompt, reliable, informative, and a good range of products, friendly helpful staff.
Diane Stevenson
Ray White, Auckland
Earlier this week I received a phone call from a gentleman on my database asking if I could please sell his house. When I arrived he pulled out a pile of papers, “I've kept every one of your newsletters for the last twelve years.” I nearly cried.
“I love reading your newsletter and I need to sell my house.” - Vendor phone call

Question to vendor: "What made you chose him as your agent?" Vendor response: “Oh he put a chatty newsletter in my letterbox that was different to everyone else’s flyers. I kind of felt like I knew him, almost like he was part of the community. So I thought, oh yeah, I’ll give him a call.”

“By far the best mail out from an agent thus far! Well done.” - Vendor

"Congratulations on such a newsy & professional letter." - Vendor

“I recognise you - you’re the guy who does the local newsletter every month.” As reported by multiple Open Door Marketing clients - in the supermarket, furniture store, while out walking the dog.