What’s your system to build trust with potential sellers?

Most(!) people know you don’t ask someone to marry you on the first date, right? A committed relationship is based on trust that is earned slowly and steadily, over time.

Similarly, earning the trust of a homeowner is rarely achieved the first time you meet them. Usually it starts long before you shake their hand; months, often years before signing a listing agreement. They’ve been watching you for a long time.

You’ve turned up – in their letterbox, on their Facebook and Instagram feed, on their street, at their local school gala or bowling club bingo bonanza. They knew about you, long before you knew about them.

You’ve been visible.

Each time you’re seen is called a touchpoint. How frequently are you being seen?

The $480K Funnel, as pictured above, and as supplied to our clients, is a key component of the $480K Real Estate Marketing System™.

This concept helps visualise the journey a homeowner takes from first hearing your name, then getting to know and like you as you nurture the relationship through the funnel, before eventually trusting you with the sale of their home.

Frequent touchpoints build trust. How many different touchpoints, or marketing methods, are you using? What’s your system to consistently and frequently build trust?

Importantly, how do you contact people frequently, without becoming an annoying pest and instead become a welcome guest?

Read more on that here.


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