What Real Estate Professionals Can Learn from Politicians

During the last election, I was privileged to be involved with the campaign for a high profile candidate and picked up a few marketing insights along the way. Here’s what I learned, and how it relates to real estate marketing.

1. Staunch loyalists (aka your past clients) still need reminders

A certain percentage of voters are staunchly loyal to a candidate or party but, interestingly, still need to be reminded who to vote for, and to actually get out and vote. Parties spend an enormous amount of time, energy and budget contacting known supporters, thanking them for their past support and reminding them of the need for it again.

Similarly, in real estate, you might have done a stellar job for past buyers and sellers, but if they’ve forgotten about you when they next come to sell, you’ve lost the listing.

The takeaway? Regularly stay in touch with your “staunch loyalists” in a friendly but professional way so they know you are still active in the real estate market and still keen for their “vote” – aka to sell their house when the time is right.

2. Old fashioned face to face still works, famously!

Flyers, door knocking and getting face to face with real people is still as effective as it has always been. People still clear their letterboxes and answer a knock on the door (most of the time).

Relationships still thrive on personal connection. (While door knocking this last election campaign, even staunch voters for another party invited us in for a cuppa!)

A smile and genuinely friendly greeting is nearly always reciprocated and opens the way to a meaningful conversation.​ Political parties capitalise on the incredible power of social media but also recognise that the effectiveness of good old face-to-face hasn’t changed.

So, if you’re one of many real estate professionals overwhelmed by your lack of technical expertise the complexities of social media, take heart. Print advertising, door knocking, personal phone calls, building and maintaining a personal connection with your database and people in a geographical area, when done right, still works.

(Of course, if you want to amplify that effectiveness by combining traditional methods with digital marketing, contact the experts.😉)

3. Your Face is Your Brand

Many high profile politicians’ faces are instantly recognisable to the public. A well known face can instantly invoke an emotional response ranging from admiration to ambivalence to anger. When someone sees your face, what is their response? Do they see it often enough to:

a) recognise it;
b) know your name and what you do, and
c) know what quality of service you provide?

Do they associate your face with words like trustworthy, integrity, respect, professional or with pushy, greedy, under-handed and untrustworthy?

Put the needs of your clients first, treat all people with respect, do the right thing even when no one is looking, strive for excellence in all that you do and build a rock solid, highly recognisable, trustworthy real estate brand.

And please…make sure that photo is a high quality, professional image with a genuinely warm, friendly and approachable smile!

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