Are you visible…or invisible (and losing listings)?

Can home sellers actually see you? Do they remember your name?

In marketing, when people can actually recall your advertising and remember your name, we call this “cut-through”.

As an agent selling a house, you know you can’t sell a secret. You have to use professional marketing to advertise on industry websites, social media, print, letterbox advertising, signage, emails to a database – everywhere you can to drive buyer enquiry and open home visitors.

The same is true for your own, personal real estate brand.

What advertising are you doing to specifically drive seller enquiry?

In the decade or more I’ve been working with real estate professionals, I’ve noticed the #1 mistake common to struggling agents is that they don’t have a regular, repeatable system to consistently, frequently and effectively market their own, personal real estate brand.

They’re invisible. And missing out on listing opportunities.

When listings are light they throw a few hundred flyers in letterboxes, hoping for the best. Or in a moment of madness they fire off a midnight email to the long-lost masses.

“Who is this guy? Don’t remember him.”

Delete. Unsubscribe.

That’s why we’ve developed the $480K Real Estate Marketing System™ – to make sure your funnel is constantly being filled with homeowners – at all stages of readiness to sell – with social media, print and email marketing using messages crafted to keep them close, and to drive seller enquiry when the time is right.


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