What’s the Secret Sauce to Social Media Success?

With so many options for social media, getting it right can be overwhelming. Getting it wrong can be expensive.

So we decided to sum up the secret sauce to success in just one word…


YOU are the secret sauce to a successful social media strategy.

Why? You are your own personal brand.

Sure, you work for an agency that is a brand too – and that is super important to give you credibility – but the x-factor that makes you different, that makes you stand out from every other agent in your own office, and every other agency, is YOU.

So own it. Be yourself. Don’t try to be anyone else.

Be a real person on social media. Celebrate your success. Share your joys and triumphs.

When you sell a property, celebrate! Take a pic of yourself with the sold sign, or with the delighted vendor, and post it on socials.

Bumped into an adorable Bichon Frisé pup while out doing an appraisal? With the owners’ permission snap a pic of the two of you and post.

Marketing a home with a stunning outlook? Take a pic of yourself admiring the view.

One thing we’ve noticed with social media content and advertising for our clients is that pictures of people, puppies and kittens get the most attention. (Babies and brides even more so!)

So whenever possible, use a picture with people in it (starring YOU) to tell the story of how you help people create a lifestyle, by buying and selling houses.

Shine. Be the secret sauce that flavours your social media content, fueling your success.

Don’t have time to do it yourself? Want to super-charge your brand awareness with advertising on Facebook and Instagram too?

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