What Should I Call My Real Estate Newsletter?

A successful real estate newsletter shouldn’t look and feel like advertising. The name of it should therefore reflect the community you serve, not only you.


At any one time, only about five percent of homeowners are interested in selling. To remain relevant to the other ninety-five percent, half your newsletter should be nothing to do with real estate. This increases your readership and keeps you top of mind so that when people are ready to sell, you’re the first agent they call.

Naming your newsletter, Cheltenham Chatter, Hamilton Hometalk or Birkenhead Banter creates a warm, friendly “ready to serve the community” type feel.

Bob’s Bulletin, Property Update, Real Estate News all sound too much like advertising.

A not-all-about-real-estate newsletter, that also has helpful information to pre-educate vendors, just listed and sold properties, statistics and testimonials, positions you as the friendly and professional, local area expert.

It’s the same concept used by the media. People watch or read the news for free, but it’s the advertising on the side that pays for the publication.


Example Real Estate Newsletter Names

Here are examples of real estate newsletter names paired with a local area name, using alliteration (the repetition of the same sounds at the beginning of words in a phrase):

Howick Homeowner
Timaru HomeTalk
Franklin HomeFront
Mount Messenger
Birkenhead Buzz
Howick Hub

Here are some of our other favourites:

About Town
Our Neighbourhood
Out & About
Over the Fence

Have a go at creating your own using the descriptive words below, or ask us for suggestions when we setup your first newsletter.

About Echo Life Review
Acorn Enterprise Local Riverside
Advance Examiner Local Matters Rumblings
Anecdotes Explainer Mercury Scoop
Annotations Exponent Messenger Screed
Announce Express Meteor Sentinel
Appeal Eye Metro Sentry
Argus Feature Metro Matters Signaler
Around Flyer Monitor Speak
Article Forum Mumblings Standard
As It Happens Funcast Narrative Star
Back at the Farm Gazette Natter Statesman
Back at the Station Get Aquainted Neighbourhood Street Spread
Backyard Globe News Street Sweep
Banner Guardian Newscast Summary
Banter Guide Newsflash Sun
Beacon Handout Nibbles Tabloid
Beaver Harbourside Notes Talebearer
Bee Hearsay Nuggets Talk About Town
Beyond Herald Observations Talker
Breeze Holler Observer Tattler
Brief Homechat Omen Telegraph
Broadcast Homefront On the Broadside Telltale
Broadcaster Homeowner On the Milk Run  The Hub
Brochure Homespun Oracle The Ins & Outs of …
Bugle Hometalk Pamphlet The Local
Bulletin Hometell Parable The Local Rag
Buzz Homewards Bound Pass It On The Pulp
Call Hub Piece  Tickler
Camera Hubbub Pilot Time
Chat Hum Pioneer  Times
Chatter Humbug Piper Today
Chitchat Impart Planet Touchdown
Chronicle Ins and Outs Post Touching Base
Circular In Touch Proclaimer Towntalk
Citizen Information Publisher Tract
Colloquy Informer Pulp Tribune
Commentary Inquirer Rag Union
Commentator Intelligence Ramble Universe
Comments Islander Rant Update
Community Item Rave Updates
Courier Journal Record Vanguard
Crier Juggernaut Recorder Vindicator
Current Lakeside Reflector Variety
Digest Leader Remarks Visionary
Discovery Leaflet Report Voice
Dispatch Ledger Reporter Watchmen
Down at the Branch Legend Repository Whigs
Eagle Let It Out Republic Word
Ebb & Flow Let’s Get Acquainted Reveal World


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