Need more listings? Too busy to promote yourself?

Have it done for you with the $480K Real Estate Marketing System™.

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Social Media Content

Facebook, Instagram


Social Media Advertising

Listings, Personal Brand Promo


Print Newsletters


Email Newsletters


DLE Cards & Flyers


Appraisal Letters


Design & Print



Create a continuous flow of new listing opportunities

Stop lying awake at night, worrying where your next listing will come from.

Position yourself as the local area expert

Build and maintain a large community of people who know, like and trust you and then call you when it’s time to sell.

Standout from your competitors

Friendly, yet professional real estate marketing with exclusive distribution rights in your area.

Get repeat listings and referrals from your database

Never lose another listing because you didn’t have time to stay in touch.

Increase your income

Use the $480K Real Estate Marketing System™ to grow your market share and increase your listings.

Sample Monthly Plans

Contact us to check your Exclusive Distribution Area is available or to discuss other customised plans.

Print Newsletter
Letterbox drop to farm area, or post
New & Growing Agents
Create a continuous flow of listings from your exclusive farm area, or post to your database


NZD per month + GST
+ one-time setup $199

Write, design & print one monthly real estate newsletter x 1000 prints (other quantities to be quoted)
Build a large community of people who know, like and trust you, then call you when it's time to sell

Exclusive Distribution Area

No contract

Add-on: Email Newsletter + $100

Email Newsletter

Stay in touch with your database
Well-Established Agents
Multiply your listings with repeat sales & referrals from your database


NZD per month + GST
+ one-time setup $199

Professional email newsletter written & designed for you, ready to send to your database each month
Stay in touch with past buyers, sellers and appraisals
Make sure they know you're still active, and don't forget you name next time they, or someone they know, are ready to sell
Available for VaultRE, AgentBox, PropertySuite, LockedOn, MyDesktop, Mailchimp & more. Additional charges may apply for Mailchimp and for databases >2000 contacts

Social Media Pro

Top-of-mind brand awareness
Award-Winning Experts
Grow your market share with the power of a trusted personal brand


NZD per month + GST
+ one-time setup $199

Position yourself as the local area expert across multiple Facebook & Instagram placements
Provide evidence of your success with promotion of featured listings and just solds
Build trust with content that shows your personal style to avoid fatiguing your audience with "boring old real estate ads"

We only work with one agent per farm area. Contact us to learn how the system works, and to find out if your area is available.

Phenomenal newsletter, excellent presentation. Lifts my profile.

Open Door Marketing has provided me with a phenomenal newsletter, great content and excellent presentation that shows me in a great light to existing and potential customers.

Lifts my profile (helps people to get to know me, like me, trust me and want to use me), keeps me in contact, fills a niche no one else is doing.

Another point of contact along with DLEs and newspaper, being someone’s trusted real estate agent before they need me. Also allows me to concentrate on other pressing matters. Takes a weight off my shoulders! I love no one else can advertise the same newsletter in my area!!

Di Moreira
Property Brokers

Sample real estate newsletter

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