Make Money at the Dentist

People Waiting for Fillings Own Houses Too

Do you cringe at the word “dentist”…and not just because of the pain, but because of the cost? Here’s how to flip that on its head and make money at the dentist instead.

Dentists, plus many other businesses and organisations—takeaway stores, cafes, hairdressers, mechanics, doctors, bowling clubs—have homeowners sitting around idly, waiting for service.

Put Your Real Estate Newsletter on Display

While these people are waiting around, give them something to read. Grab a couple of A4 or DLE, clear plastic display stands from the stationery store. Fill them with a bunch of your full-colour, printed real estate newsletters (that aren’t only about real estate but full of light-hearted, entertaining content too) and ask your favourite local business for permission to leave them in the waiting room, or on the front counter.

Get Yourself on the Front Page of a Magazine

Another option is to supply the other business with a pile of recent magazines for their waiting area. Put a large, half page sticker across the bottom half of the front cover: “With compliments of John Smith, your local real estate expert”. It’s a win-win for both you and the other business—inexpensive advertising for you and free reading material for the business while servicing their clients.

Win Them Over with Coffee & Muffins

On the odd occasion, take muffins or coffee for the staff when dropping off your newsletter or magazines as a token thank you to show you appreciate their partnership. People often don’t remember what you say, but always remember how you made them feel. It’s a great way to build strong relationships with people who are likely to refer you.

Sponsor their Advertising

Small businesses and not-for-profits know they need to stay in touch with their clients and members to be successful, but often it is too expensive. Offer to do it for them, or sponsor their communications by email or post. Include your own advertising as part of the email, or as an envelope insert, so your advertising reaches homeowners among their members too. This works well for schools, clubs and small businesses like property management, home maintenance or cleaning companies.

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