How to Do Friendly Face to Face

Do Homeowners Remember Your Advertising?

When you’ve distributed 2-3 newsletters, it’s time to get out in the neighbourhood to meet homeowners face to face, or on the phone to your database, to find out what they think.

Here is a friendly, non-salesy way to start the, “Are you thinking of selling?” conversation—without actually asking the question and sounding like yet another, annoying salesperson.

Use Your Real Estate Newsletter as a Friendly Icebreaker

Knock on a door in your farm area, or call someone on your database.

“Hi there, my name’s [insert name]. I’ve been popping my newsletter in your letterbox for a couple of months now [if door knocking, show them the latest issue]. Just wanting to check…have you received it?”

“How have you enjoyed it?

“Has it raised any real estate questions for you?

This will inevitably open the, “Are you thinking of selling?” conversation but in an easy, non-invasive and conversational way.

This positions you as the friendly and professional, local area expert – a welcome guest (as opposed to “annoying pest”). You’re futureproofing your business by building trust and rapport with homeowners, even if it’s months or years before they are ready to sell and become your client.

Give Something Away Without Asking For Anything in Return

During the conversation with the homeowner, mention:

“I’m actually running a prize draw this month for $80 worth of movie tickets. Would you like to enter the draw?”

If door knocking, this gives you a reason to ask for their contact details so you can stay in touch with them in future. If phoning, it’s gives you a reason to add value to the phone call without asking for anything in return, further adding to your “friendly and professional” image.


Put on your friendliest smile, head out into the neighbourhood and let them know why you are the best person to sell their house, whether that’s today, next month or in ten years’ time.


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