How Often Should I Send a Real Estate Newsletter?

People forget you. And quickly. It’s as simple as that.

Real estate is a timing business because people’s circumstances can change quickly. That client to whom you sent a Christmas card may not have even been thinking of selling. But four months later there’s suddenly a fabulous, long-term job offer in Hong Kong and…

“…what was that real estate agent’s name again?”

If your competitor has just dropped a flyer in his letterbox, guess who might get the call instead? Ouch. Being forgotten hurts.

Famous marketing guru and prolific author, Dan Kennedy, says in No B.S. Sales Success:

…my single biggest recommendation is the use of a monthly customer newsletter…Nothing, and I mean nothing, maintains your fence better.”

By “fence” Dan simply means client retention. A newsletter is the best method to keep your clients “in” and your competitors “out”.

Don’t Leave It Too Long Between Sightings

Monthly might seem very frequent to you. But to your client, if they happen to miss seeing your bi-monthly newsletter, it can stretch to four or even six months between hearing from you. A monthly newsletter is so much more effective at doing its job of staying in touch. If someone misses seeing it one month, you’re likely to catch them next month meaning it is only two or three months between sightings, not six.

Don’t Let Your Competitor Be More Frequent Than You

Your top competitor is probably contacting their farm area and database at least monthly, because that’s what top performers do.

Even when you go on holiday, there will always be that one competitor that keeps going and gets the business because he or she was more frequent and consistent than you. However, had you remained top-of-mind with a relevant monthly newsletter, consistently building, establishing and maintaining a strong relationship, that client would have been far more likely to call you based on your pre-existing relationship. Your competitor’s flyer would have been ignored.

To Be Successful, Make It Monthly

I strongly recommend, as do most marketers, you invest in sending a monthly newsletter to your database of past buyers, sellers, appraisals and other contacts. Bi-monthly is still effective but significantly less so.

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