What are High Resolution Images?


Image Resolution Explained

To print a good quality, clear, crisp photo your images need to have a resolution of at least 300 dpi (dots per inch). Just because an image looks good on your computer screen, it doesn’t mean it will print well.

Low Resolution Image: This is what a low resolution image looks like when printed – fuzzy, unclear, patchy and grainy.
High Resolution Image: This is what a high resolution image looks like when printed – high quality, crisp and clear with good colour definition.

Important: you can’t usually tell if an image is high resolution just by looking at it on the screen. To look good on a computer screen it only needs to be 72dpi, compared with 300dpi for printing.

What Are Pixels (px)?

Images are measured in “pixels”. A pixel is a tiny dot of colour, smaller than the tip of a pin. Each image is made up of thousands of tiny dots of colour. To print a high quality image it must be at least 300dpi (dots per inch). For an image with printed dimensions of 61mm x 4.7mm it needs to be 720px x 480px to be 300dpi.

How To Check Image Resolution

To check the resolution of your image before you send it to us, hover over the image with your mouse, or right click on the file and select Properties. The photo below is 275 x 185 pixels which is too small to print in your newsletter.

Minimum Dimensions Required for Your Newsletter

Image Dimensions (pixels)
Property photos 720 x 480
Company logo 600 x 300*
Your profile photo 600 x 685*

*Required size may vary slightly depending on the shape of the logo or photo.