The Frequency Illusion: Are you making the most of this phenomenon?

Red car

You’ve just bought a new red car. 🚗 All of a sudden, you see the same car, EVERYWHERE!

You know what I’m talking about, right?

The cars have always been there but now you’ve taken an active interest, your brain has been wired to take note. The same make and model seemingly pops up everywhere.

The Frequency Illusion is a real thing. Also known as the Baader–Meinhof phenomenon, or Red Car Syndrome, it is a cognitive bias in which, after first becoming aware of something, it is noticed more often, leading to an illusion that it is now actually occurring more often.

Do you leverage this phenomenon in your real estate marketing? Do you pop up everywhere? What’s your multi-media marketing strategy?

After someone first notices you, are you frequently seen in their:

  • email inbox
  • social media feeds – Facebook and Instagram
  • letterbox – monthly real estate newsletter, flyers and DLE cards
  • Google searches (display ads)
  • street – driving around in your signwritten car, on the sign at the local dairy/bus stop, open home signs?

Using multiple methods or channels to send the same, consistent message (“Dave is your go-to, friendly, local real estate professional”) again and again and again, multiplies the effectiveness of your marketing budget.

When your face is everywhere, then they bump into the real you at the supermarket, “Wait 🤔 …aren’t you Dave? That real estate guy?”

This has happened to many of our clients. Are you next?