How Often Should I Send a Real Estate Newsletter?

People forget you. And quickly. It’s as simple as that. Real estate is a timing business because people’s circumstances can change quickly. That client to whom you sent a Christmas card may not have even been thinking of selling. But four months later there’s suddenly a fabulous, long-term job offer in Hong Kong and… “…what

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Make Money at the Dentist

People Waiting for Fillings Own Houses Too Do you cringe at the word “dentist”…and not just because of the pain, but because of the cost? Here’s how to flip that on its head and make money at the dentist instead. Dentists, plus many other businesses and organisations—takeaway stores, cafes, hairdressers, mechanics, doctors, bowling clubs—have homeowners

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Junk Mail in Letterbox

More Letterboxes, More Eyeballs, More Listings

It looks great! Your newsletter, DLE cards or appraisal letters are highly professional. You’ve got stunning photography and quality printing…but if you can’t get it in the letterbox, and into the hands of homeowners, what’s the point, right? The last step in the process is to make sure it gets delivered, noticed and read. Here

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