Have You Discovered the “Diamonds” In Your Database?

There’s a famous story about a farmer who desperately wanted to get rich. He sold his farm in Africa and went abroad in search of gold. After many years, with little success, he returned to his home country only to find his old farm had become the largest diamond mine in the world. Too busy

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What Should I Call My Real Estate Newsletter?

A successful real estate newsletter shouldn’t look and feel like advertising. The name of it should therefore reflect the community you serve, not only you. Why? At any one time, only about five percent of homeowners are interested in selling. To remain relevant to the other ninety-five percent, half your newsletter should be nothing to

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How Often Should I Send a Real Estate Newsletter?

People forget you. And quickly. It’s as simple as that. Real estate is a timing business because people’s circumstances can change quickly. That client to whom you sent a Christmas card may not have even been thinking of selling. But four months later there’s suddenly a fabulous, long-term job offer in Hong Kong and… “…what

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