How to Run a Prize Draw on Facebook

1. Create a Facebook Post Find or take a photo of the prize (or you holding it, or standing outside the venue) then post it to your Facebook business page with an appropriate blurb – see example below. Pin the post to the top of your page. Sample Post 🍽️⭐🍷⭐ WIN! ⭐🍷⭐🍽️ $100.00 DINNER FOR

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Have You Bound & Gagged Your Best Salespeople?

What someone else says about you is at least 10x more powerful than anything you say about yourself. It’s called social proof. Social proof is a cultural phenomenon whereby people look for other people’s opinions to re-assure them that they are making the right choice. For a real estate agent, the most powerful way to

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Have You Discovered the “Diamonds” In Your Database?

There’s a famous story about a farmer who desperately wanted to get rich. He sold his farm in Africa and went abroad in search of gold. After many years, with little success, he returned to his home country only to find his old farm had become the largest diamond mine in the world. Too busy

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Have You Got Your Fair Share Of The Real Estate “Pie”?

If every one of the 15,000 real estate agents in New Zealand got an even slice of market share (and we all know they don’t), there would only be 5 or 6 listings available, each year, for every agent.* That’s barely enough commissions to earn the median New Zealand salary, for someone who works only

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